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The Attic

Since I don't know where to begin, I'll start in DC...

I ain't from DC, and I take it most of the people who find themselves here aren't either, but that's the nature of cities. Us multitudes are transient. Until we're not.

I'm originally from northwest Indiana, closer to Chicago than Ohio but still a Hoosier. Although, people south of "The Region" consider that special area of Indiana along Lake Michigan not real Hoosier country. This is probably true since it's made up of people who identify more with Chicago. The politics lean that way. The accents lean that way, too, especially later on in life, or when we're drunk. Either way, we're neither and both, we're hybrids! A nice mixture of midwest pace with Chicago attitude.

But, don't take my word for it- I could be talking out of my ass. You'll just have to hang out on the south shore of Lake Michigan and find out for yourself. Just avoid the industrial areas between East Chicago and Michigan City, as they're about as pretty as they smell, and they don't smell nice.

That being said, here I am in DC- a city I ain't seen since eighth grade. How did I end up here after being lost in the mountains of Nagano for over six years? I bet you could answer that without too many guesses. You guess it, yet? If you guessed it was because I became a father after too many bottles of wine and fun, then you have more of an answer than me, friend. I wish I could tell you, but I can't remember. Too much substance abuse!

Yet, I'm still pretty sure that I came out here to pursue a destiny a long time in the making, a destiny that may be a little of my own fashioning. This is a fact.

Truth be told, I ended up in DC quite literally after a snowboarding session in a place called Nozawa Onsen. My future wife snuck into the country and chloroformed me when I was sneaking into the hot baths. I woke up on the east coast of the US, and due to effects of Stockholm Syndrome, I fell in love with her. We now have a beautiful little girl, who is now a fournager.

So why the blog? Since I like to imagine myself as a narrator in a movie, narrating my own life, I figured I'd put that voice to good use and create DC Daddy's Wine Time. Hopefully it'll be more DC Daddy and less Wine Time, but, meh, I wouldn't count on it. At least it stops me from narrating my walks to the store and lets me pretend I'm a writer or something.

Until that next glass of wine...